Cognosos empowers organizations in the auto and healthcare industries to track and better understand the usage of their high-value equipment. As part of their rebranding journey, we embarked on a comprehensive overhaul to create a visual system that differentiates their various verticals while ensuring a cohesive brand identity.

We began with an in-depth strategic analysis to understand the market landscape, audience mindset, and the core values that define Cognosos. This foundational work was critical in crafting a brand that is both innovative and trustworthy, reflecting the advanced technology and reliable solutions Cognosos offers.

With the strategy in place, we developed a distinctive brand voice. The new guidelines ensure consistent messaging across all touchpoints, encapsulating the forward-thinking and reliable nature of the Cognosos brand. Once the voice was established, we turned our attention to the visual elements.

The new visual brand is dynamic, professional, and seamlessly integrates with Cognosos’ existing assets. We designed a brand that worked with their existing logo and expanded on their color palette, creating a versatile design system that includes distinct elements for each vertical. This allows for easy differentiation while maintaining a unified brand presence. Our work included updating the color palette, developing additional visual components such as typography, photography styles, and custom icons, and defining a distinct layout style.

Since the launch of their new visual brand, we’ve worked with the team to update their marketing materials and we’re currently rebranding their website.

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